Is the little green leafhopper a beneficial insect or a pest?

Without it, there would be no Oriental Beauty Tea

The little green leafhopper is an important helper for many popular fermented teas (such as Oriental Beauty, Honey Toffee, Honey Black Tea, etc.), and the tea leaves that have been bitten by it will emit a natural fruity honey flavor.
What is the little green leafhopper?

The small green leafhopper (scientific name: Jacobiasca formosana) is commonly known as the floating duster, smoke boy, Zhao smoke, jumping boy and green boy. The adult body is yellowish-green in color, the average length of female is 2.7mm, the average length of spreading wings is 2.39mm; the average length of male is 2.4mm, the average length of spreading wings is 2.19mm. The small green leafhopper is distributed in Taiwan, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and India. It can be found throughout the year in Taiwan, and is commonly found in low elevation mountainous areas, often parasitized on tea trees, mountain jute and structural trees, with the highest number in late spring and early summer, especially prone to harming tea gardens with poor ventilation or overgrown weeds. In 2004, the "Tea Tree Protection" published by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine of the Council of Agriculture listed the sharpshooter as a pest of tea trees because 95% of the tea areas in the country were infested by the sharpshooter at that time.
Why does the small green leafhopper bring a fruity honey flavor to tea?
When the tiny green leafhopper bites the tea tree, the tea tree will activate its own defense mechanism and emit a strong fragrance of flowers or honey, attracting its natural enemy, the white-spotted killer spider, to come to feed on it. Although the production of the tea tree is reduced by the sharp shooter, the special flavor of the tea broth made from tea leaves "salivated" by the sharp shooter is different from that of ordinary Oolong tea, which makes it favored by the market. In recent years, in order to produce tea products with special honey flavor, such as Oriental Beauty tea, honey-scented Guifei tea, honey-scented black tea, etc., tea farmers try to maintain an environment suitable for the growth of the sharp shooter, and try not to use pesticides or control agents, so as to let the sharp shooter become a beneficial partner of the tea tree. In this way, reducing the use of pesticides not only helps the promotion of tea, but also maintains biodiversity and achieves the value of sustainable utilization of agricultural land. As a result, special tea products such as Oriental Beauty Tea also enjoy a good reputation in the market and enhance market competitiveness.

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