What are the benefits of drinking tea?

Take a look at the benefits of catechins

Catechins are the source of the astringent flavour of tea and are a type of polyphenol found in tea leaves. When tea leaves are exposed to sunlight, more catechins will accumulate in the tea leaves. When you taste tea, the slight bitter taste and astringent flavour of the tea broth are caused by the catechins. As the concentration of catechins in tea increases, the bitterness will also increase.

Unfermented green tea retains a higher content of catechins. Semi-fermented teas such as Oolong and Bao Seed can also contain catechins, but the content is not as high as that of green tea. As for fully-fermented black tea, due to enzymatic oxidation, the catechins are replaced by the tea yolks and tea rosé, and the tea broth no longer shows a yellowish-green colour.

Potential effects of catechins
【Antioxidant effect】

Catechins are powerful antioxidants that help neutralise free radicals, slow down cell damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases and ageing.

【Cardiovascular health】

Some studies have shown that catechins may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby benefiting the cardiovascular system.

【Anti-inflammatory effect】

Catechins are thought to have anti-inflammatory potential, which may be useful in alleviating chronic inflammatory symptoms and related diseases.

【Antibacterial effect】

Catechins may be effective against some bacteria and viruses and help to keep the immune system functioning properly.

【Promote metabolism】

Some studies have suggested that catechins may help to increase metabolic rate, which can be helpful for weight management and control.

Catechins can also be extracted from tea leaves and used as food additives or made into common health food products on the market.If you want to consume more catechins, the recommended tea choices are green tea (unfermented) > green tea (semi-fermented) > black tea (fully fermented), but it's still healthy to drink the right amount according to your body type!

Jsy Green Tea
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Yame Hojicha

Selected from the Hachinohe region of Fukuoka Prefecture, one of the finest tea producing regions in Japan.
With a long history of tea production, the tea gardens are located deep in the mountains surrounded by morning mist.
With four distinct seasons and a big difference in temperature between day and night, the sencha is elegantly scented, sweet and delicate.

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