7 Tea Brewing Techniques + 5 Easy Tea Brewing Demonstration Tutorials
JSY's 7 Tea Brewing Methods + 5 Tea Brewing Demonstrations teach you how to brew a good cup of tea with a happy mood, confidence in yourself, calmness and concentration, as well as five tea brewing demonstrations, to create a pot of good tea with a beautiful flavor that is unique to you.

Good Tea / 50%

The principle is simple: even if you give Jiro Ono, the god of sushi in Japan, a rotten fish, he won't be able to make good sushi. When you choose good tea leaves, no matter how inexperienced you are in brewing tea, the tea will still have a quality of 50%.

Have Confidence / 10%

Usually, people who lack confidence approach things with an open mind, and the same goes for brewing tea. "Subtle" and "weak" are not the same. "Weak" means the concentration is not enough, resulting in a watery taste. "Subtle" means the concentration is enough, but the flavor is somewhat weak or not very noticeable. A good cup of tea should have a full-bodied flavor, so approach the process of brewing tea with confidence.

Enjoy a Pleasant Mood / 10%

"Sweet" is a taste that the majority of people in this world enjoy. To brew a sweet tea, it is essential to maintain a pleasant mood. When a person genuinely loves and enjoys brewing tea, the tea they brew will undoubtedly be sweet.

Quiet Focus / 10%

From a learning perspective, to learn anything, you must maintain a high level of quiet focus. If you have the opportunity, try comparing brewing the same type of tea with a calm and restless mind, and you will notice a difference in the taste.

Treasure the Tea Leaves / 10%

This part is crucial! To treasure tea leaves, you must first understand that tea leaves are the culmination of nature, land, and human effort. From the moment the tea tree is planted in the soil, it undergoes the nurturing of nature and the passage of time. The tea leaves are then crafted by tea masters to bring out their unique flavors, ultimately reaching our hands. Brewing tea, the final step, is the process of transforming the essence contained in the tea leaves into a sweet and delightful tea. If we do not take care of and store the tea leaves properly, causing them to break or the flavor to deteriorate, all the effort put into growing and processing the tea leaves will go to waste. If we do not approach brewing tea with reverence and respect, casually brewing without care, the flavor of the tea leaves will not reach its full potential. Therefore, it is important to treasure and handle tea leaves with care.

control of water flow / 5%

The seven principles prioritize mindset over technique. "High pour, low pour" is the only principle related to technique. What is brewing tea? It is when hot water comes into contact with the tea leaves. If the hot water falls from a higher position, the water pressure will be greater, and the high water pressure will enhance the flavor of the tea. What is pouring tea? It is the process of pouring the brewed tea into a tea pot or tea cup. Pouring tea from a lower height can prevent the formation of bubbles, which can cause oxidation in the tea, leading to a loss of sweetness in the tea.

Practice Makes Perfect / 5%

Repeat the previous six principles, constantly adjusting and practicing, internalize the mindset and natural state of each encounter with tea leaves and each brewing process. With time, you too can become a tea brewing master!

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