Three Steps to Tea Tasting
「Drinking tea is not difficult at all, JSY teaches you to learn how to taste tea in just one minute」
「First, middle and last flavors」
In the process of tasting a cup of tea, the nose will be the first to feel the comfort and beauty of the aroma, and then the mouth will taste the sweetness and smoothness of the tea broth, as well as the floral aroma hidden in the tea broth, which intertwines the taste and smell of a beautiful experience, and then after the tea broth has been swallowed, the residual aroma of the tea in the mouth is a bit of sweetness, so that everything is still so beautiful. When the aroma of the tea touches the brain, it enriches the imagination, and when you close your eyes, you feel as if you are in a primitive forest at an altitude of 2,000 meters.
JSY hope to give you a deep feeling of this wonderful experience; and interestingly, this experience is "sequential", just like the smell of perfume, which has a change of "front, middle, and back", and there is nothing more real and fascinating than the enjoyment of drinking Taiwanese tea.
It is difficult to describe the delicate flavor of Taiwanese tea in a few words. You can often find some words describing the feeling of drinking tea in the traditional tea ceremony, such as: tingling, throatiness, mellow, instantly melt in the mouth, breath through the sky, gelatinous texture, etc. These are indeed describing the wonderful feeling of drinking tea, but for those who are new to Taiwanese tea, it is not easy to connect it with their own feelings, and it is unlikely that one would be able to catch these feelings from several cups of tea if one does not have a long term tea-drinking habit; furthermore, the difficulty of standardizing the description is also a big problem. In addition, it is also difficult to standardize the way of expression, some people feel the sweetness, some people feel that the tea is refreshing, and some people say that their mouths feel sweet. Without professional training, it is really not easy to accurately and specifically describe the various sensations of the oral cavity and the body!
Often, through the use of words and language, it is indeed helpful to enter the world of tea quickly, but I hope to use a simpler way to let you realize the changes in the layers of a cup of tea. If I don't directly describe the specific feeling and flavor of each cup of tea, but through the concept of "front taste, middle taste, and back taste", I would quietly appreciate the changes in taste and feeling from before, during, and after swallowing the tea broth, wouldn't it be more helpful for people to "start from scratch" in their own first experience of the tea ceremony? Experimental results have proved that this, on the contrary, teaches many people to "learn to drink tea" in a short period of time, and breaks down the whole process of drinking tea into three stages, so that the feelings of each stage are more pronounced, and to feel the richness and diversity of the beautiful flavor of tea from Taiwan.
「From the front, middle and back, you can learn how to taste tea in one minute」
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